About Summer TEFL Jobs

In 2006, the leading UK agency for EFL was founded by Jon Duckett. Now known as Evocation EFL, it places teachers in London schools every day. When Jon left Evocation in 2009, he set up TEFL Jobs London which was an innovation in TEFL teacher recruitment from the start. Today, TEFL Jobs London and its sister site Summer TEFL Jobs are run by Martin Richards the current director of Evocation EFL. We have over 25 years’ experience both teaching and recruiting in the TEFL industry.

Evocation EFL and the TEFL Jobs sites are both now part of the Renaissance global group of recruitment websites. We bring together and streamline all the tried and tested methods you’re used to using to recruit great teachers or look for TEFL jobs.

Much more than a job board, much more than a CV database: Summer TEFL Jobs is a unique, targeted recruitment portal. We enable schools and teachers to easily find each other with the job that’s right for them. As a teacher, you may want casual hours or a full-time job. As a school, you may need the flexibility of a teacher agency or you may be recruiting full-time. Whichever way works best for you, our services are quick, simple and highly cost-effective.

We connect you with 1000s of the right teachers each month.

We have built up a large database of experienced TEFL teachers who hold both a first degree and a recognised TEFL qualification such as the CELTA or Trinity Cert TESOL. Our targeted website enables you to directly advertise just to Summer based TEFL teachers. No more trawling through irrelevant CVs!

  • Single job ads receive an average of 37 applications.
  • 95% of applicants are based in the UK.
  • Teacher applicants are predominantly degree educated and hold CELTA or TRINITY TESOL TEFL certificates.

All ads are shared with our TEFL teacher mailing list and through our social media networks on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to ensure your vacancy is viewed by as many of the right people as possible.

We are innovators and run the only website that services the focused Summer TEFL market.

There is a clear advantage of an effective summer TEFL jobs website: neither you nor the candidates need trawl through long lists of irrelevant job postings or CVs to find suitable jobs or applicants. This also means the end of ineffectual ‘pre-screening’.

With us, budgeting headaches and overspends don’t exist.

It’s a no brainer when you think about it – all our packages come with UNLIMITED job ads. This means that at the beginning of each season you know precisely how much you’re going to spend on recruitment that year.

We know our stuff: our team is made up of highly-experienced recruiters and usability experts.

Our staff have a background in TEFL and TEFL recruitment. Additionally we ensure our website is effective, does exactly what you’d expect it to, and much more. For example, it is quick-loading, full of unique time-saving features, and easy and intuitive to use. We are also well ranked in major search engines for key search terms.

We consistently achieve a faster, cheaper and more efficient recruitment process for our clients.

We’re keen to do the same for you.

Who are we? The people who ensure you have a great summer, not just your students.



Summer TEFL Jobs is part of the Renaissance Resources Ltd group which also runs the Evocation EFL teacher placement agency. Our sites are dedicated to helping TEFL teachers find jobs and opportunities around the world. There is also help and advice for teachers covering all aspects of the TEFL spectrum.

The group sites are:

TEFL Jobs London: www.tefljobslondon.co.uk

Evocation EFL: www.evocationefl.net

Our parent company’s corporate site is www.edulon.co.uk, and our associate company for secondary school and non-EFL subjects is www.job2teach.com.

Too much information? Had a hard day teaching and ready to relax? Jon Duckett now runs Whats on London, an innovative entertainment directory for Londoners. So our sites are here to help you both work and play. The rest is up to you!