Teaching English at a UK based summer school: The Basics

By Jon Duckett
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Teaching English at a UK based summer school: The Basics

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Every year between the months of June to August there are a huge number of UK summer TEFL jobs available. There are over 400 English language summer schools in England alone.

Students come from all over the world to study English in the UK during their summer break. It is a huge Industry worth billions of pounds to the economy. Summer schools are located in all areas of the UK, from big cites to small rural hideaways. Some schools are part of a national or international chain with a set curriculum and course books, while others are independently owned and operated.

Summer school students are mostly European teenagers, coming over to the UK for a fun study holiday experience. The courses are a mixture of English study, fun activities and sightseeing. Schools employ activity leaders to lead the non-English study part of the holiday. In London summer school students are more diverse. There are a lot more adult students and their focus is more on improving their English for career advancement, or to pass English exams to get onto tertiary study programs in the UK.

Most summer schools are British Council accredited meaning teachers will need a degree plus CELTA or Trinity TESOL qualification to be eligible for work. Positions are advertised well in advance so its important to apply early to be sure of securing the best positions. Most schools start advertising in January/February for positions starting in June/July. Teachers are normally notified around March/April if their application has been successful. However there are also a lot of last minute positions so it is possible to apply in June or early July right before the start of a course and still be accepted.

Positions usually run for 6-8 weeks, and teachers receive between £300-£500 per week depending on the number of hours they teach and their level of seniority. In some cases accommodation is provided, particularly if the school is in a more rural location. The accommodation is normally free or heavily subsidised.

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