What can I do on this site?

The Summer TEFL Jobs site is designed to make the process of searching and applying for TEFL jobs as easy as possible. That’s why we offer a number of services to cater for our users’ differing needs.

I’m a TEFL Job Seeker, what is there for me on this site?

  1. A frequently-updated  TEFL Job board with Advanced Job Search functionality.
  2. The ability to quickly and easily apply for any jobs that interest you. Find out how to apply for a TEFL job.
  3. A personalised TEFL Job Alerts service. Find out how to use the TEFL Job Alerts service.
  4. The option to make your CV findable and visible to accredited schools and employers. Learn more about posting your CV.
  5. The ability to easily browse through and compare different English language summer schools.